Leather Utility Belt //Moonstone// Festival Belt

LeatherUtilityBelt, FannyPack, FestivalBelt, Boho Belt, Gypsy Belt, Utility Belt

Leather Utility Belt - Festival Belt with Moonstone, this is a perfect complement to transport our personal objects in a totally safe way and with all magic of the gemstones.

MOONSTONE: was very used in the time of the Roman Empire, when it was believed that its interior was formed by the rays of the Moon. Used as much in the Near East as in Europe, as a lucky gemstone and for love spells, the moonstone is consecrated to the moon and is considered to enhance intuition, feelings of the heart and fertility.

Leather Utility Belt, FannyPack, Festival Belt, Boho Belt, Gypsy Belt, Utility Belt

All our articles are Handmade with materials of high quality from Europe Union to giving them a long life, and all our gemstones are brought from India and Peru.

This Leather Utility Belt - Festival Belt is an article especially made for you, that you are looking for the convenience of having all your personal belongings always close and while maintaining your own style.

DEATILS: It has 2 pockets with zippers and magnetic closure, YKK zippers, buckles and metals in old gold color.

-Measures Pocket:  7.25"x 5"x 1.5" (Perfect to Iphone6)

Leather Utility Belt, Fanny Pack, Festival Belt, Boho Belt, Gypsy Belt, Utility Belt

At present, we know that all things in the Universe are forms of energy, and that each has its own vibration. The Gemstones have been used for thousands of years because of their healing powers, many ancient cultures believed in them, as a natural fact of life to improve emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

All our Festival Utility Belts are made to custom order and are tailor-made, so adjust your body in a totally personalized way. We will make specially one for you.

For any question feel free to contact us, in the direct deal will be from where we can best help and advise you.






Leather Accesories - Festival Belt - Utility Belt 

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